Kick-off seminar 1TB

Zertifikatsprüfung JUNGBARKEEPER 5TABC
22. September 2021
Preisübergabe Monin Cup 4TC
4. Oktober 2021

Kick-off seminar 1TB

As part of our „Welcome Days“ this year, our International Tourism Management class had a kick-off seminar with two trainers.

English is very important in this class, so the students had two days with two native speakers- one from Canada and one from Australia – so they only spoke English of course. We think it was a great motivating way to start their time at Klessheim, just see below what the students themselves have to say!

„It was a very interesting workshop and we all had to speak just in English, so we learned a lot of new words. We also played some funny games and talked to new people.“
„In my opinion the teachers were really good, we talked a lot and learned more about each other. The games were also really fun“.
„It was nice to speak with native speakers.“
„The workshop was really fun, and the two teachers were also nice and friendly. It was really enjoyable to work with them and I find it cool to experience something like this!“
„The workshop was great. I had a lot of fun at the games. The presentations were really interesting for me.“
„The workshop was very cool cause I learned more about my classmates and the native speakers were really nice. I loved it!“

They all agreed it was a lot of fun and they also got a certificate too of course!

Report: Simone Edwards-Zapf

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