Discovering a beautiful city!

Preisübergabe Monin Cup 4TC
4. Oktober 2021
Slider Tag der offenen Tür 2021
6. November 2021

Discovering a beautiful city!

Before you travel the world, it is important to know your own city.

That’s why the „International Tourism Management“ class went on an outing to find out more about Salzburg. We started with breakfast in Café Bazar which was enjoyed by all. Then we went on an interesting tour with our native speaker tour guide Naomi. We were told lots of interesting information, that not even all the people from Salzburg knew! We finished off with a delicious frozen yoghurt, so not only did we learn a lot, but we enjoyed great food and also had a chance to get to know our classmates even better!

Report: Simone Edwards-Zapf

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