Trip to Grossarl

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6. November 2021
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16. November 2021

Trip to Grossarl

College Class 1KH visited some touristic locations in Grossarl.

On Wednesday the college class had the opportunity to visit the Grossarl Bergbahnen @grossarltal. The students got to know the system behind different cable cars. Except from that, they also were able to see what the day to day life of a cable car worker looks like. The panorama was amazing and they even got to see the first snow of the season!

The visit in Grossarl also consisted of a tour through the newly renovated hotel @das_edelweiss_salzburg_ressort. After a delicious breakfast, the students had the opportunity to see the spa area, a suite and even almost all F&B sectors. All of us were amazed by beautiful interior and especially the indoor water park!

The 1KH also got a private tour through the hotel_nesslerhof. The students enjoyed the familiar atmosphere and the huge spa area. A highlight was a long conversation with the hotel owner about social media marketing. Lastly, we were invited for a traditional Austrian „jausn“.

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