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10. Juni 2022
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2TB in Brighton

The 2TB visited Brighton, England from May 28 till June 3. Brighton is the gay capital of England and due to this fact, Brighton is a city filled with diversity in every corner.

The city lies partly on the beach and partly extends into the green countryside. In Brighton the 2TB made a walking tour through the city centre, guided by a tour guide, and got general information about the place. They also visited the i360, which is an observation tower where they had a beautiful view over the city and its surroundings. The class also visited the “Royal Pavilion”, which was built in an Asian style. The evening activities the class enjoyed were bowling, watching “Top Gun” at the cinema and playing “lasertag”.

In their free time the students had various options: They could easily grab something to eat or drink in the many nearby located restaurants, supermarkets and cafes, go shopping in the centrally situated shopping center or visit the Brighton Pier and the beach. In general, the students were allowed to stay out until 11:00pm every day. Therefore, they were able to spend a lot of time together as a whole class and intensified their relationship to each other.

All the students were accommodated with host families, who were all very different. Some families were incredibly friendly, welcomed the students warmly and cooked well. Unfortunately, not all of the students were lucky with their host families. Some families only served convenience food, which was – according to the students – mostly inedible.

In the mornings, the 2TB had English lessons in an English language school. This was very educational. The students challenged their English by playing games, puzzles and scavenger hunts.

As it was the week of the “Platinum Jubilee Celebrations” of the Queen, the students experienced a lot of festivities and even and air show in central London. So, the day the class spent in London was busy and stressful as the city was packed with a lot of people but the effort was worth it.

Unfortunately, their journey back home was rather uncomfortable as the flight from Frankfurt to Salzburg was suddenly cancelled by Lufthansa and so the class had to take the train by night. In the end everyone arrived home safely but tired.

Summing it up, the 2TB and their teachers Andrea Fagerer and Simone Edwards-Zapf had an intensive week full of cool adventures and experiences in England.

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