College of Cultural Management and Events

Cultural Management and Event

A creative idea is not enough – culture is looking for professionals

Cultural talent and creativity are important for the success in the world of art and culture. Nevertheless it is necessary to have the needed management skills. Successful cultural manager are able to calculate, have knowledge in law issues and the know-how in organising great events.  At the college of cultural management and event professionals from the economy teach the special components to meet the requirements of the art and culture scene.

Study cultural management & event

High School degree + Interest in art and culture = perfect prerequisites

Charactaristical participants of the college are high-school graduates interested in art, who would like to start a career in the management of cultural enterprises or in an event management company.

With the college close to professional life

In close cooperation with sucessfull representatives of the cultural scene fundamental know-how will be transferred. Experts of the cultural scene allow a look behind the curtains and provide essential competences for the job entry.

Our professional partner from the economy:

There is no better place to study cultural management than in Salzburg

Salzburg is a center of the international culture scene. The flagships are the Salzburg Festival and the Mozarteum University Salzburg. But there are a lot of other successful events, which are known far beyond Austria.  There has to be mentioned the jazz scene Salzburg, the innovative museums and the traditonal art and Christmas markets. These events attract international audience and are economically extremly successfull.