College of Hospitality Management

College of Hospitality Management

This industry focused programme provides you with an unique educational experience combining in-depth management training with hands-on practice. In managerial subjects such as tourism management, business administration and marketing, you gain the knowledge and skills to successfully lead hospitality organisations in the future. Through hands-on practical training, you obtain invaluable experience in culinary arts and restaurant management (food preparation, service, bar and nutrition).
The mandatory 12-week internship further enhances students’ practical skills and provides vital industry experience. Unbeatable academic standards are guaranteed thanks to our team of highly experienced teachers and leading industry experts.

Special attention is paid to developing a professional level of competence in communication, as well as foreign language skills.  English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian are all offered at the College Klessheim. Teamwork skills are sharpened through classroom education as well as practical tasks.

Learn from the best
We offer:

  • A high academic standard
  • The perfect combination of theory and practice
  • Lectures from leaders in their field
  • A worldwide network
  • International career opportunities
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Modern teaching techniques
  • Career Center
  • Partner Universities


Between the second and third semesters, students complete a mandatory internship of three months. The internships can be carried out in any training-related company or institution. The possibilities range from classic hotels, restaurants, accounting and revenue management firms to international organizations and consulting agencies.  The Career Center and the international network of alumni provide great support. Hands-on training at school or at the event location Kavalierhaus prepare students for these internships.



  • 4 semesters


  • Be between 18 – 35 years of age
  • Language of instruction: English
  • General higher education qualification
  • University entrance exam can be taken at the college in the absence of the aforementioned qualifications

What the college offers

  • Business-oriented content
  • Several foreign languages
  • Diploma exam and professional qualifications
  • Business licenses for hotels, restaurants and travel agencies
  • Extra qualifications
  • Participation in business projects and competitions
  • Diploma thesis as professional field-study

Career paths after graduation

  • Immediate access to careers with top companies
  • Academic credits at international partner universities
  • Opportunities for advancement in many industries
  • Executive management positions and business succession
  • Facilitated business start-ups