Colleges of Tourism

International Colleges of Tourism

The College of Tourism provides the ideal training for young people who have completed their secondary school studies and are looking for a springboard into their professional lives or further studies. In addition to professional qualifications and business licenses, there is the opportunity to acquire a personal qualifications portfolio with certificates in tourism. The college is also “entrepreneurship certified.” The goal of the college is to instil an entrepreneurial attitude into our graduates by which they can independently and successfully shape their lives – not only in their professional but also in their private lives.

The smart way to getting a Bachelor

The College of Tourism is the perfect alternative to classic university studies. After two years you graduate with the Klessheim Diploma and either start working somewhere in the world immediately, or you continue studying at one of our international partner universities for 1,5 more years and then have a Bachelor degree in your hands.

Two courses offered

Graduates are in demand

Companies, Austrian as well as international ones, are looking for qualified and professional employees. The Klessheim Diploma gives you a huge competitive advantage and guarantees prospects for promotion. Our very own Career Center has many contacts with leading businesses and can help to find you a suitable job. Klessheim also has a worldwide alumni network which offers many possibilities in socializing.

What tourism can offer young people

Tourism is very dynamic and provides brilliant opportunities. Especially if you enjoy working with people, are fascinated by foreign languages, are literally bursting with your own ideas and if you are dedicated and work with all your Soul, a job in tourism will quickly evolve into your vocation. With our know-how you will be perfectly prepared for a broad number of professional activities in different fields, not only in typical tourism jobs but wherever business knowledge is required.



  • 4 semesters



  • Be between 18 and 35 years of age
  • General higher education qualification
  • Language of instruction: German or English
  • University entrance exam can be taken at the college in the absence of the aforementioned qualification
  • For further queries please contact the college directly

W H A T   T H E   C O L L E G E   O F F E R S

  • Business-oriented content
  • Skills in marketing, cultural Management, tourism, business administration, accounting and law
  • Several foreign languages
  • Motivated professors, great school climate, individual support
  • Directly situated in the touristic and cultural city of Salzburg
  • Diploma exam and professional qualifications
  • Business licenses for hotels, restaurants and travel agencies
  • Close cooperation with cultural and economic companies in Salzburg
  • Extra qualifications: junior sommelier, cheese connoisseur,  junior barkeeper, barista, Amadeus Air Basic
  • Participation in business projects and competitions
  • Diploma thesis as professional field-study

C A R E E R   P A T H S   A F T E R   G R A D U A T I O N

  • Immediate access to careers with top companies
  • Academic credits at international partner universities
  • International career opportunities
  • Opportunities for advancement in many industries
  • Executive management positions and business successions
  • Facilitated business start-ups