Corona Info

Corona Info


Recommended hygiene measures were considered by the specially established crisis team and adapted to the Klessheim school system.


What hygiene measures should I observe?

Please read more about this in Checklist 1.

What happens if there is a suspected case of corona?

If the affected person showing COVID-19 symptoms is present in the school, please read Checklist 2 – Scenario A.

If the affected person with COVID-19 symptoms is not present in school, please refer to Checklist 2 – Scenario B.

What do I do if I belong to a risk group?

Please refer to checklist 3.

Which regulations apply in Klessheim?

For the lessons in Klessheim the crisis team has developed its own guidelines for the Corona traffic light phases green, yellow, orange and red. The measures for areas such as school restaurant/buffet, boarding school, library etc. can be read here.

What happens at warning level ORANGE?

  • Smaller classes (HFS) and high school graduation classes (5th HLT) will continue to receive classroom instruction in the school.
  • Larger classes of the 1st and 2nd years of HLT are divided – hybrid instruction takes place here. Distance learning and face-to-face teaching are combined. One group learns from home, one group is at school.
  • The 3rd and 4th years of HLT as well as all college classes go into distance learning.

In this way we achieve a reduction of more than half of the number of people present in the school. You can find the exact classification here.

Which warning level is valid?

The current warning level is regularly announced on Friday for the following week in the “Klessheim Universum” on MS Teams.

In advance you can get information on this page of the state of Salzburg about the education traffic light Flachgau (municipality of Wals-Siezenheim).

Corona FAQs

Further questions about Corona are answered by the BMBWF here!

Briefly summarized …

  • MNS compulsory in the general school premises, but not in the classroom
  • Disinfectant in all classrooms, toilets, corridors (also entrance area)
  • Regular ventilation of the classrooms
  • Absence from class with typical symptoms of illness