Institute of Higher Education in Tourism

Institute of Higher Education in Tourism

The Institute of Higher Education in Tourism offers the ideal education for those who have diverse interests and enjoy working with people. In addition to professional qualifications and business licencses, it is possible to obtain additional qualifications such as junior sommelier, cheese connoisseur, or barista.

Particular attention is paid to language training. In addition to English, students are required to study a second foreign language such as French, Italian, Spanish or Russian.

Klessheim has a worldwide reputation for top tourism education and training. We have partnerships with other top educational institutes, which means credits from education and training can be transferred.

The Higher School of Tourism offers you a diverse education including a comprehensive general education alongside the professional curriculum with focus on on business and tourism-specific content, as well as several foreign languages´.

Essential teaching and learning objectives are integrated thinking, team spirit, tolerance and openness, creativity and personal responsibility, and intercultural competencies. Besides this, we teach you entrepreneurial skills and perfect manners – all necessary skills for future successful business owners and managers.

Target Group

The programme is designed for motivated and ambitious young people who are communicative, interested in foreign languages and with great plans for their future lives. The programme lays the foundation for careers in various sectors – both nationally and internationally. The professional and business license is also awarded with the final diploma and thus it is possible for graduates to open their own business or take-over the family business.

Mandatory internships

Theoretical know-how is important. However, to be perfectly prepared for their professional lives, it is necessary for students to implement what they have learned in a real-life situation. The summer internships in tourism businesses are an ideal opportunity to gain valuable work experience. The students acquire professional knowledge and can establish contacts for future positions in the field of tourism. When searching for internship placement , whether in Austria or abroad, students are supported by the school’s Career centre. This hands-on element is also incorporated in lessons, during the school year.

At the Kavalierhaus Klessheim, students Play an essential part and are frequently present at major sports or cultural events. Teachers prepare students specifically for the activities which await them in their internships and also provide support druing the internship if necessary. Internships abroad can be subsidized through the Erasmus+ programme. Our partner institutions guarantee ongoing assistance for the students as well.



  • 5 years


  • Successful completion of the 4th year of a General Education Higher School (except Latin und Geometric Drawing)
  • Successful completion of the 4th Year of a secondary  school in the 1st. merit group or the 2nd merit group with a minimum grade of “Good” in English, German and Mathematics
  • Secondary school students, who were in the 2nd merit group and got any lower grade than “Good” in a one of the main compulsory subjects (German, English, Mathematics), will have to pass an entrance examination in the respective subjects.
  • Secondary modern school: Successful completion of “extanded education”
  • Secondary modern school: Entrance examination if “basic education” is graded with  “satisfactory”


  • Matriculation and diploma examination, full university entrance qualification, professional qualifications such as business license


  • 32 weeks


  • Full qualifications for attractive career opportunities in tourism
  • Careers at home and abroad
  • Qualifiations for numerous professions
  • Academic credit transfer for international universities
  • Business start-ups
  • Family business succession