Living in Klessheim

Living in Klessheim

Salzburg, the city of Mozart and ‘Sound of Music’, is truly a hotspot for international tourism. For more than 100 years Salzburg has been the epicentre of Austria’s tourism and hospitality industry.
Today, the baroque city of Salzburg and the whole region draw guests from all over the world so that there are more than 24 million overnight hotel stays each year.
The city offers an abundance of culture and events and its surroundings are perfect for enjoying leisure time by the lakes or in the mountains – altogether the ideal place to study tourism and hospitality.
The Tourism School Klessheim is located on the outskirts of the city of Salzburg, close to the border of Germany.
The students’ residence and the school are connected by a very good public transport system (bus, train etc.) with the city center and the train station.


The students` accommodation is located at the school Campus Klessheim. Our community of boarders is vibrant, international and fun. We provide a home from home to our students and offer support to all students to develop their fullest potential. Our college students stay in twin rooms with a bath and toilet. In the school restaurant breakfast, lunch and dinner is served. Sports and fitness are regarded as just as important as creating a pleasant atmosphere in which the students feel at ease. Therefore the schools offers several gyms, a fitness centre and also yoga courses. Furthermore our students have the possibility to enjoy the park “Klessheim” or the golf course next to the school and the beautiful nature in the surroundings.


  • Free WIFI
  • School restaurant
  • Gym and fitness centre on the school campus
  • Golf Course & beautiful park next to the campus
  • Very good public transport system