Fee College of Hospitality Management


Costs and tuition fees

Tuition fees for EU citizens

The Salzburg Tourism College is a private college and is one of the Salzburg Economic Chamber educational institutes.

The tuition fees are as follows:

  • 10 monthly instalments of € 312,70 = € 3.127,00

Payment terms for EU citizens

  • A registration fee of € 200 is to be paid when submitting your application. This amount will be subsequently deducted from the tuition fees. If you withdraw from the course before 15th August, this deposit will be refunded.
  • The tuition fees should be paid using a SEPA direct debit mandate.


Tuition fees for non-EU citizens

  • € 6.139,00 in total per term

Payment terms for non-EU citizens

In order to fulfil the visa requirements non-EU citizens are required to pay 50% of the tuition fees on registration. The rest should be paid at the beginning of the course.

The tuition fees cover:

  • Costs for copies of learning materials as well as the materials for the practical subjects, the transport costs for day excursions and the costs for the practical examination required before the diploma examination.
  • Free WIFI in the whole school area
  • Use of the career centre to find internship places and to organize foreign trips, as well as tutoring.

Additional costs:

  • School clothing
    At Klessheim part of our identity is our school clothing, which is business look. Students can purchase the school clothing at a shop of their choice.

Work clothing

At the beginning of the hospitality training, the students require a work start package (chef“s clothing, service apron etc). This clothing is purchased jointly at the beginning of the school year. The costs amount to approximately € 400.


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